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Vinyl Siding Installation

Using vinyl siding in your house enhances the protection to your house from various climatic changes and weather conditions. It also increases the aesthetic value of the house. The demand for vinyl siding is ever increasing with the added advantages and benefits provided by the siding. Installing vinyl siding is very easy once you have all the material that is required for the installation. The material that is required for installing vinyl siding are circular saw, measuring tape, hammer and chalk line with a level. It is even better if you have a knife, framing square, ladder, power drill, place to cut the material, tin snips and caulk gun for vinyl siding installation.

The following is the procedure for vinyl siding installation. For installation vinyl siding the surface where the siding has to be installed is to be prepped up. The surface should be smooth and solid. The smoothness of the surface makes it suitable for installation vinyl siding. This enables you to cover all the leaks in the surface of the wall and insulate the house from external factors.

The materials and panels should be doubly checked to ensure that they are in perfect condition before proceeding further. You should ensure that you don’t run out of vinyl panels and they are dent free and are of right length. How to install vinyl siding is the most important question. You should follow the installing vinyl siding instructions perfectly so that final installation of vinyl siding is done in a perfect and proper manner.

How To Install Vinyl Siding?

You will find the perfect answers to how to install vinyl siding by following these steps in installing vinyl siding instructions. Following are the vinyl siding instructions.

The first step involves preparing the house ready for vinyl siding installation. For that you should remove house hangers, gutters, out door lighting and any other items that are present on the outside walls of the house. If you keep all those removed items in order you can place it back easily once the process is completed. You should remove the branches of trees or plants if they obstruct the installation vinyl siding.

Furring strips of 1/3 inch should be attached to the siding that is present on the borders of walls and windows making use of nails. Starter strip should be attached at the starting of the house bottom. You should ensure that the vinyl siding is in line. For this you can even use chalk.

Once you attach the corner posts and then J channel should be put in place. J channel goes on the top of the doors and windows and even to the sides of the corner posts. In this way you can easily attach the trim. J channel should be attached wherever eaves slopes are present. Once this is completed the under sill trim that is present below the windows and horizontal eaves should be nailed.

You can then attach siding panels starting from the starter strip that is attached at the bottom of the house. Then you can move further up the house from any side of the house making sure that the joints are separated by 4 inches. Then each siding can be overlapped by one inch at the joints so that gaps are covered. These vinyl siding instructions enhances the beauty and safety of the house.

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