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Vinyl Shake Siding

Protecting one’s home is very essential these days. With the costs of home repairs and renovations increasing, you would not want to be in a situation where you desperately need to improve your home’s walls, but find that you are stripped of cash. This can be prevented very easily, if you act fast.

In the older days, wood shakes or shingles were used to protect the exterior walls of homes to protect them from the sun and the rain. They were coated with oil sometimes to give them extra protection. However, the disadvantages are that these are extremely difficult to maintain. Also, they don’t really protect your homes from termites, although they do give the home a rather nice look. The main reason is that the oil coating or the paint is often not water resistant. They will eventually wear off, and thus, the wood beneath gets exposed.

Advantages over wood

With the help of good vinyl shake siding, you can ensure that this doesn’t happen. Vinyl is a very sturdy and resistant material. Its inbuilt property is that of water resistance. Plus, termites and other wood eating insects don’t really like vinyl much, which means that your home’s exterior walls are completely safe from them.

Shake vinyl siding has several advantages. They protect your homes much better than anything else. They don’t allow water to even stick on to the surfaces of your home’s exterior walls. Vinyl shake siding helps you ensure that your home’s walls are stronger, sturdier and more resistant to natural elements that destroy homes. You can save a lot of money on maintenance costs, as walls that are protected with vinyl siding shakes don’t have to be painted or rebuilt frequently.

Cost benefits and Eco-friendliness

Vinyl siding shakes may cost you more than ordinary wooden shakes at first. But what you really need to do is to calculate the costs over a period of time. While ordinary wood shakes will require you to spend every now on then on maintenance, with shake vinyl siding, this doesn’t happen.

Also, shake vinyl siding is much more eco friendly than wood. You will not have to bear the responsibility of using something that caused many trees to die. You can rest better in your home with the knowledge that with your good decision, you have not only saved on your costs in the future, but also that you have helped to protect the planet.

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