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Cement siding – a new concept of siding

Cement SidingCement siding is a widely known type of house siding, and it is popularly used in southern region of the Unites States where the problem of hurricane is a recurring factor. Cement made siding is one of the most reliable to construct houses according to hurricane safety codes. Other than southern region, cement house sliding is also in use where wind plays a major factor in climactic condition.

Cement house siding is used on premises walls and is made of concrete using cement as the base ingredient. The cement siding will be poured in mold at the site or in different location of its installation and is brought to cement siding installation by some means of transport. Stucco is also considered as cement sliding and cinder blocks are also included in cement sliding category.

In general, use of cement siding is not actually appropriate for three locations. These locations are rear deck, roof edge, and front porch. Usually cement siding is installed in close proximity to these structures, and according to best cement siding installation guide, there should be at least 2-inch gap between the siding bottoms and each of the vertical, sloped, and horizontal surfaces.

Cement SidingHowever, cement siding is most popularly used at commercial properties due to its concrete durability and cost efficiency. Comparatively low maintenance cost is another issue of the preference for cement siding. Although old commercial buildings were made of old pattern of cement siding, new commercial buildings are seen with installing cement siding made of poured-in-form cement type.

Fiber cement house siding is one of the popular applications of cement sidings which offer better durability than any other siding products in its category. It is a paint friendly material and can retain its paining quote for several years with as it is effect. In fact in comparison to traditional wood siding, it is easier to handle and cheaper to maintain. It is manufactured with sand, cement, cellulosic fibers.

Fiber cement is best used for garage, extension and addition of home or in any case it is best used for replacement of ancient structure. Fiber cement house sidings are attractive in look but it is not for do-it-yourself type unless the users have good knowledge of installing cement sidings. If you ever wish to use this cement siding in your premise, it will be wise option to call a professional installer for quality service and right placement of installation.

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