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Brick veneer siding

simulated-brick-sidingBrick veneer siding is generally used to clad the exterior walls, patios, gardens, interior walls, fireplaces and floors and counters. They give the classic look of bricks and at the same time are easy on the pockets of the customer. Brick veneer siding is a perfect substitute for brick siding as it not only gives us the aesthetics of the latter but is also easy to install and economical. Although the longevity of bricks cannot be compared to the brick veneer.


The bricks in brick veneer are made out of clay mixed with cement and rock aggregates. The typical red color is a result of the content of iron oxide in the mixture. However there are other methods of procuring these brick veneers which gives the people a wide range of choices in terms of textures, thickness and quality. The different chemical compositions of the mixtures also give birth to various colors of brick veneers. Installation of brick veneers depend upon the purpose and type. Thin ones can be installed in the same way as ceramic tiles adhere to the walls. Another method of installation is to mount these bricks and lath onto plywood and then installed as one piece. Bricks are moisture permeable hence; one should install vapor barriers between the exterior walls and the bricks. Mortar is then used to give the finishing touches and this is generally done by a mason who has dexterity in this field.


brick-veneer-sidingBrick veneer siding is a cost effective mechanism of siding and this gives it an edge over the others. Also the light weight of the veneers work in their favor as they are easy to be installed and do not require special reinforced structures to bear the weight. Adding to the previous merits, the fact that bricks do not rot or fade and are fire resistant make it an attractive option to avail. Both thermal and sound insulation are also a part of this method of siding. Maintenance of these sidings is something that one does not have to bother about at all.

The easy maintenance, durability, longevity and aesthetics are all characteristics that make it difficult for a house owner to overlook brick and veneer siding. It is a great option for those who want the elegance and class of bricks without feeling the pinch on their pockets.

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