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Brick vs Vinyl Siding

While building a house, as you know, siding is of great importance. It plays an important part in contributing to the outer appearance of the house; it also helps in protecting the outer layer of the house against adverse factors like natural causes, insects and even dust and fungi. Besides these, it also protects the outer walls of the house from absorbing moisture which might, in the long run, affect the interior walls of the house.

Siding can be made from a number of substances, out of which brick and vinyl happen to be the most popular. Before making a choice for your house, you must be familiar with the characteristics of each type of siding. And of course, there’s your personal preference to be counted also.

The vinyl siding is of course, the most popular siding in these days. It is durable in nature, and it also fits in with most people’s budgets. Vinyl siding fits in with all sorts of weather conditions, too. It is as effective in dry climates as it is in wet and humid regions. There are a number of advantages in going in for vinyl siding. First of all, it can cover up any sort of older siding and give your house a great look, a new look. Vinyl is especially popular because of its low maintenance cost. The colour and texture look uniform, too, and that’s part of the total appeal. If you don’t mind spending a little more to have it put up properly, you’ll face no problems in the years to come. The disadvantage of using vinyl siding is that it might get damaged if something were to hit the outer surface. Then a crack, a dent or even a hole might result and the total panel might have to be replaced instead of a part of the siding. You might not be able to find a colour or texture that matches your original one.

The brick siding adds to the beauty of your house as well as giving it protection. However, it must be installed by a thorough professional. Brick sidings were very costly earlier, so many people could not afford to have them. Sometimes they would use it only on the front face of the house. Nowadays, of course, it has grown more affordable, and people can use brick siding if they choose to. Even if a part gets damaged, only that part requires to be changed. Therefore the cost is much less.

Now, it is up to you to decide whether you’d prefer vinyl over brick siding or you’d go in for aesthetics and promote brick siding. If not, of course, you always have good old vinyl siding to give your home a new look!

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