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Cedar Siding Installation

Installing cedar siding is a process that requires a well trained expertise for extended durability .Different processes and materials are employed in cedar siding installation for good looks and versatility.

A variety of options are available for installing wood cedar siding such. They are:

  • Bevel Siding
  • Board and Batten Siding
  • Channel Siding
  • Tongue and Groove Siding
  • Wavy-edge Bevel Siding
  • Lap Siding

The companies that install the cedar wood panels provide the goods properly packed and air dried to remove any traces of moisture to prevent undesirable effects to the product .Also, the packing comes with the trim and other related accessories , all adding up to the ease of installing cedar siding.

The cedar wood sidings can be installed either vertically like board and batten or horizontally like clapboards, shakes and shingles.

Finishing Siding

After the cedar siding installation, the next step is to provide a fine finish on it. The cedar sidings can be customized the way one wants it to be by appropriate finishing processes and painting processes.

Opaque finishing is mainly employed to shield from weather conditions. Opaque finish is brought by either painting or staining the panels. Painting provides a layer covering that protects the woods characteristics. Paints used include Alkyd oil-based paints, latex paints and others.

Natural Finishing on the other hand is done to reduce water absorption. Natural finish is brought by applying water-repellents and water-repellent preservatives. It also includes addition of fungicide that decays fungi thereby increasing the life of the wood project. It may be oil-based or latex.

Repairing Cedar Wood Sidings

Cedar siding repair forms an integral part of the process covering cleaning and restoring. The panels can be restored by applying specific substances such as learners or brighteners. These cedar siding repair agents are further classified commercially as:

  • Paint Strippers (Remove oil and latex stains)
  • Bleaches (Remove dirt and other undesirable deposits on the surface)
  • Oxalic Acid-Based Products (Remove bleed and iron stains)

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