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Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Cleaning Vinyl SidingTop quality vinyl siding is very easy to maintain and clean. The cost involved in its maintenance is very minimal. Cleaning vinyl siding becomes easier when you know the methods and techniques involved in the cleaning. You should understand that you have spent a lot of money for vinyl siding and should take care that you do not damage the siding while washing vinyl siding. You should have patience to clean vinyl siding and once you have that half of your job is completed.

Following equipment and tools are required for cleaning vinyl siding and they include plastic sheets, pressure washer, scrub bushes, garden hose, bleach, bucket, protective goggles and vinyl siding cleaner. Before you start to clean vinyl siding you should make sure that you don’t use pressure washers on wooden surfaces or loose sidings since these washers are strong enough to remove the paint from the wood.

Procedure to Clean Vinyl Siding

Cleaning Vinyl SidingThe following is the procedure for cleaning vinyl siding.

Make sure that you switch off all the electronic gadgets, equipment and receptacles present in the circuit box before using pressure washer. Even the separate film present on the window should be removed and cleaned.

Wash vinyl siding wherever dark spots are present with the water and bleach solution in 3:1 proportion. The accumulation of dew results in the formation of dark spots on windows. Vinyl siding cleaner mixture should be prepared in a careful manner. If the mixture is too strong and when the pressure washer is added to it may damage the washer. This also affects the final results of cleaning.

Now with the help of pressure washer the vinyl siding cleaner can be applied to the siding and nozzle of the hose can be used for achieving low pressure. You should take steps so that there won’t be any residues deposited on the siding by making sure that the applied mixture will not dry.

The materials and panels should be doubly checked to ensure that they are in perfect condition before proceeding further. You should ensure that you don’t run out of vinyl panels and they are dent free and are of right length. How to install vinyl siding is the most important question. You should follow the installing vinyl siding instructions perfectly so that final installation of vinyl siding is done in a perfect and proper manner.

Allow the solution to work and then you can use high pressures and you can start washing vinyl siding from top to the bottom. Make sure that the pressure nozzle is used in all directions in a perfect manner when you wash vinyl siding.

The procedure is repeated and while using pressure washer you should ensure J channels are avoided at all costs during washing vinyl siding.

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