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Wood Siding

Wood SidingWood siding is one of the oldest types of siding. Wood is very widely used for siding. After vinyl, the most convenient and artistic siding material is wood. In old and historic homes, wood siding can be seen. The disadvantage of wood siding over cedar siding is that it requires a lot of maintenance, requiring polishing and painting after every once in a while. By doing so, a lot of natural texture of the wood siding is lost. But the advantage it offers is that it has a larger and wider variety of textures and designs than the cedar sidings. Wood siding homes are more elegant and look more beautiful. Wood siding is also difficult to install over existing sidings. The wood siding is more vulnerable to warping, splitting and damage by insects and termites.

Plywood siding

The various types of wood sidings in use today are clapboard, plywood, shakes and shingles, hardboard and tongue and groove. To have a particular effect of the sidings, suitable type of wood siding should be used. Clapboards wood sidings are installed horizontally overlapping one another. This type of wood siding compliments any type of architecture and thus is very widely used. Plywood siding is a type of wood siding which requires the minimum carpentry. It can be produced from 4 different types of tree species enabling a lot of variety and designs to choose from. Plywood sidings, if properly maintained can last up to 3 decades or more.

Wood SidingNowadays many synthetic materials gave been developed to replace wood. The choice of wood siding or their substitutes should be considered also by taking the climate factor in mind. Some varieties are resistant to winds but can get damaged by moisture. Synthetic materials provide good protection but do not display the same texture and design maturity as wood. Redwood is the most widely used because it provides the required resistance and also has design flexibility.

The pricing of wood siding materials are different in different markets. Customers who want wood sided homes which use cedar have to pay more but the maintenance cost less. Proper maintenance includes power washing, sealing and staining and also polishing with proper varnishes. The same way if a cheap wood material is used for wood house sidings, the maintenance cost is more. Wood planks also come in pre-dimensioned which are produced by big conglomerates which have an extensive wood siding expertise.

Wood house siding

Wood planks can be differently arranged and installed as per choice. The planks can be arranged horizontally or vertically arranged. Stucco siding has wood planks combined with cement. This type is very durable. One positive feature about Stucco siding is that it needs very little maintenance and still it holds on to its beauty. Engineering wood siding is also one type of siding which is very extensively used in wood siding homes. This type is very accurate and needs very less man power but skilled manpower. The installation costs you more than the cost of the wood product. Siding from synthetic materials is more widely done by engineering wood siding.

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