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Vinyl Cedar Siding

Vinyl cedar siding is manufactured from 100% high grade vinyl, formulated with un inhibitors and other superior ingredients that gives resistance against the sun, heat, and cold. Vinyl cedar siding is an excellent choice for the Gulf Coast and other areas where hurricanes and high winds can damage ordinary siding, as it can withstands winds in excess of 150 mph.

Vinyl cedar siding gives a house's exterior a unique combination of beautiful and classic appearance, with a zero maintenance requirement. Vinyl cedar siding has the elegance and appearance of tree wood. Vinyl cedar siding is an eco-friendly, durable and equally beautiful alternative to the real cedar siding.

Vinyl cedar siding is the ultimate Family-value alternative for busy families who want more time for fun, and less time on ladders, scraping wood rot and painting.

Cedar vinyl siding

If you want a great alternative to paint your home, one that will simultaneously protect your homes current infrastructure, then you may want to look into cedar vinyl siding. Cedar shake vinyl siding is incredible as it looks gorgeous, gives the look of wood, stone, or even concrete. It goes over your home foundation as winter coat. It is a semi-permanent fixture that protects your house's original foundation. There are an enormous variety of designs, materials, and styles to choose from. Cedar vinyl siding creates a more natural look. Cedar vinyl siding is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Cedar look vinyl siding

Cedar look vinyl siding uses vinyl, with its characteristic to imitate the feel and look of wood. Cedar look vinyl sidings offer imperviousness to decay and root insects, offers weather resistance and zero maintenance. Cedar look vinyl siding is competitive in terms of aesthetic appeal and is cheaper as compared to wood. It has rigid polystyrene insulation backing that reduces the loss of heat during winter season and coolness in summer season. Cedar look vinyl siding is also an energy conserving material.

Cedar impressions vinyl siding

Cedar impression vinyl siding is number one choice in building professional buildings nowadays. Cedar impressions vinyl siding is more popular than wood for remodeling your house and new constructions, because of its versatility, durability and performance etc.

Cedar impressions vinyl siding offers the widest color palette in the industry, a broad line of high-quality siding products, and outstanding warranty coverage.

Cedar impressions vinyl siding can be selected from a range or styles, which are consistent with your home design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes.

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