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Masonite Siding is still the good option for cost effectivity

Masonite is a slim type of fiber board or particleboard which has one glossy side and another textured side. Use of this thin board as siding of the outside section of house is the prime use of Masonite. Masonite is also known as hardboard, cardboard, or clapboard and exterior Masonite siding is one of the most prime siding used in tract homes in Unites States territory.

Masonite SidingMasonite sidings are mainly made of woodchips with a fine texture amalgamation of wax, resin, and glue. This siding material is produced under a specific industrial process where heat and pressure are combined together to form a smooth woody finished products. There are multiple advantages of using Masonite house siding products as prime siding material for use.

One of the prime advantages of Masonite siding is it’s mild and pocket friendly price range. Price wise, it is less expensive than solid wood, vinyl, and fiver cement made sidings; it is easy to install and cost efficient for purchase. Many users have claimed that Masonite hardboard siding as easy- to-do-type which does not require any other trade expertise to install the same.

The woody resemblance of Masonite is one of the leading reasons for the huge popularity of this siding material but it is free from expensive maintenance of wood made products. Because of its synthetic type, Masonite is termite free and insect proof, and fire ant resistant. It hardly involves tress in its manufacturing process thus Masonite house siding can be considered as green building material and a reliable ingredient of eco-friendly green house.

Masonite SidingMasonite hardboard siding is available in lap and panel form and the advantage of using these forms is equal distribution of weight thus the construction gets better strength in all its sides. This type of sidings is available in different colors and varieties of textures, for example, Masonite sidings are available up to 7/16th inches and 1/2 inch. Lap masonite sidings are available in length up to 16 feet, panel siding width are available with up to 4 feet of width and length up to 9 feet.

Masonite sidings are available in four different types of finishes for different uses. These different finish stages are pre-stained, pre-painted, primed, and pre-finished. Masonite siding are paint friendly and retains paint on it for 4-6 years; that means in every 4-6 years exterior masonite sidings are to be painted by the owners for good maintenance. Acrylic paints and exterior latex are the most suitable paints for the painting of Masonite sidings.

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