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Vertical Siding

Vertical sidingVertical siding enhances the external beauty and architectural value of a home. Incorporating vertical siding to the exterior of the house adds a personal touch and added design to the house. Modern vertical siding not only adds aesthetic value to the house but also maintainability and durability. Since the vertical siding materials are of many different types and textures, every different type has its different benefits. Modern homeowners are utilizing these various features of different siding materials according to the type of home they own and according to the environment. Vertical siding recreates the classic century old look to a house. Customizing the type of vertical siding can enhance this feature depending on the type of establishment and style. Siding vertical panels to the exterior of the house can create different types of look for the same type of house. Vertical vinyl siding is an inexpensive process of recreating the century old look with many extra added features of vinyl panels.

Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical sidingVertical vinyl siding is a cost effective process of vertical siding for homes. Vertical vinyl siding is chosen over vertical wood siding due to low cost of installation, easy maintenance and labor costs than wood siding. Vertical vinyl siding is very durable; this is also one of the main reasons that homeowners prefer this type of vertical siding. A vinyl vertical siding have an average lifespan of 20 to 50 years depending on the grade of vinyl and looks as good as new year after year. It is also highly resistant to insects, high heat, harsh winters, strong winds, and moisture. Installing vinyl vertical siding is very easy since interlocking panels automatically fit together. Vertical vinyl siding comes in different colors in the market so need for painting them is not necessary thus, reducing maintenance cost. Use of vertical wood siding in homes is mainly to produce the authentic wood effect and strength that wood gives.

Vertical Wood Siding

Vertical wood siding can recreate the classic look for the home. They last for an average of 30 years not like the vinyl siding which have a span depending on the quality of vinyl. Redwood and cedar are the two types of woods mainly utilized for this purpose. Vertical wood siding can burn and is susceptible to cracking. These disadvantages with the added issue of expense, both in terms of cost and installation labor has made the vertical wood siding a very rare choice among homeowners. Aluminum vertical siding is cost effective way of creating the old-fashioned look without facing the problems of fire and damage. Aluminum vertical siding can also increase the look of the exterior if custom-made designs by the homeowner are installed. Vertical aluminum siding does not require any maintainability. Installation of aluminum vertical siding requires expert help and thus the only disadvantage of this type of vertical siding is the cost for installation.

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