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Hardboard Siding

Hardboard sidingHardboard siding is gaining importance among homeowners due to their cost effective and easy installation process. Hardboard siding is made from wood fiber, wax and resins and is made in both board and panel sheet applications with external textures designed to look like lumber siding. This feature of mimicking a lumber siding has made hardboard an easy and inexpensive alternative for homeowners who want lumber siding for their homes. Different companies make hardboard in roughly the same way, so qualities of hardboards do not differ much according to manufacturer. Hardboard siding is fungus resistant and thus provide better durability as compared to wood siding made by fir, pine or spruce. However, soft hardboard sidings are prone to fungus attacks due to the soft nature of the wood. Masonite was one of the largest manufacturers of hardboard sidings in the market.

Masonite Hardboard Siding and Claims against Hardboard Siding

Hardboard sidingMasonite hardboard siding was extensively used in the past ,however, during the 1980’s and 1990’s the Masonite hardboard siding started showing huge defects leading to disastrous effects of extreme swelling ,buckling and other problems related to poor quality hardboard siding. The Masonite hardboard sidings of this time were of low quality and loosely pressed boards. In 1994 a lawsuit was filed against Masonite for their poor quality hardboard sidings and eventually the outcome of the lawsuit was that any one who incorporated Masonite hardboard siding was entitled to a claim for hardwood siding damage caused to their homes. This claim for hardboard siding damage force Masonite to stop production of their hardboard siding. Millions of dollars were paid out to claims for hardboard siding damage to homeowners who had taken part in the lawsuit, as well as other property owners who proved the presence damage from the use of Masonite hardboard siding. Masonite hardboard siding will usually have the name "Masonite" stamped on the siding itself, sometimes accompanied by the notation ‘X-90’. This marking makes it easier to identify and process claims for hardboard siding damage made by Masonite hardboard siding.

Hardboard Siding Installation

Many hardboard siding installation technique is available, making it easy to install a hardboard siding. Lap siding technique for hardboard siding is quite common in the market. Depending on the size and dimension of the panels this technique is quite useful for installation of hardboard siding. A lot of detailed calculation is needed prior to installation of Hardboard siding. The main important calculation is the amount of square foot area of surface and the amount of material required for the hardboard siding. Hardboard siding installation techniques are quite easy to follow and takes very less time compared to other types of siding. Hardboard can be a very good option for exterior siding since it is affordable, durable, and easily maintainable. Seasoned hardboard siding is quite reliable in terms of fungus resistance.

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