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Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar is cost effective in areas like the Pacific where it is available in large quantities and resists any kind of damage, rust and rotting.

Cedar shake siding is popular exterior material for those who prefer for a rusting material. Cedar shake siding is one of the many varietys of cedar siding products. It is distinguished by being made up of small pieces of cedar that are attached to an exterior wall. This enhances the rusting appearance of the wall but it is more labor oriented than wood siding. It is wedge shaped piece of wood which is installed vertically in long rows. It has two types of shapes, namely split and sawed. Split shaped cedar is much rougher than the sawed one.

Cedar shake vinyl siding

Almost every household would like to have siding, but cedar shake vinyl siding will help in adding the different look to your house by adding a different style from different varieties of the cedar shake vinyl siding. It comes in many shapes like fish scales, half cove, hexagons, mitered corners, octagosn, shingles, squares, split shakes, or staggered shake. They are also available in different colors like almond, biscuit, blueberry, coconut, driftwood, eggshell, juniper, key lime, lemonade, moonlight, moss, oatmeal, Oceanside, papaya, putty, Sahara, seashell, shadow, shale, slate, snow, and coffee. This siding is made from molds using actual cedar, and they use different moulds so you won't have any repetition in the pattern for about forty feet.

Cedar shakes siding

The cedar shakes siding area is a testament to rugged natural resilience. This shaking cedar helps in regulating the temperatures by keeping it warm in the winters and cool in the summers. It provides a rough appearance to the roof. The cedar shakes siding is more resistant to the moisture and provides a good barrier to the natural winds that might occur sometimes.

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