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Faux rock siding

Faux rock siding has come a long way through technological advancements and it has made it difficult to differentiate real things form artificial ones. Faux rock siding can be mistaken for stone veneers and facades and also for manufactured or cultured synthetic siding. These are made of polypropylene or polyurethane base mixed with colored materials and then molded to give it the shapes of stones and rocks. There is a wide variety of patterns available for the customers to choose from, like stacked stone, river rocks etc.

Different companies nationwide offer a variety of stones to choose from. Also the installation process may vary from applying mortar directly over the surface to just using screws to tighten it up which is then hid by mortar on the holes. They are light weighted and thus easy to install. It can be installed with a few handymen with just basic skills being the sine qua non. The savings of the owner who installs this form of siding is huge as they cost almost half of what original rock or stone mason would cost.

Faux rock siding can be used in the exterior walls, columns, on the inside walls and in fireplaces. Its easy to maintain characteristic make it one of the favorites among the customers. It can just be washed from time to time to give it a clean and new look. Since faux rocks are used it also becomes eco-friendly as rocks and stones do not have to be dug out of the earth. Faux rock siding also helps in insulation of the house and helps maintain a cozy comfortable temperature inside. This siding is also a durable one and comes with a warranty of 20 to 30 years. The aesthetics that faux rock adds to the fireplace, gardens or ponds is absolutely incomparable to other sidings.

Faux rock siding has come as a boon to those people who do not like to compromise on the aesthetics of their home d├ęcor but also have a limited budget. The longevity and fire resistant qualities of the siding make it an instant hit among the consumers. The ease to maintain this siding is also a huge advantage that it enjoys over other forms of siding. This form of siding is certainly here to stay and with advancements coming through every year it will give others a tough run.

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