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Concrete siding

Concrete siding is often thought of to be fiber cement siding of the Hardie board variety. Although it is an effective method of siding homeowners should not overlook concrete siding as an option for siding.


This form of siding gives every other form a run for its money because of its cheap availability and amazing aesthetics. A person who would like to get the look of a stone fa├žade but at the same time want to spend less, this is the right option. It can also give us the looks of wood or stucco with much less maintenance required as compared to other two. The shape and color of concrete board lasts longer than that of vinyl and at the same time concrete provides you with amazing durability and versatility. Another merit of concrete is that it is insect proof. It is an asset in warm places where termites are normalcy. It is also moisture and weather resistant and thus does not rot easily. Concrete can also withstand the effects of UV rays. It also does not become brittle in winter nor does it melt in high temperatures. Another feather in its cap is that it had in historic preservation when other forms of cladding were not allowed.


Concrete siding is made of a cellulose fiber through a process of autoclaving, high temperature curing process, which helps in increasing the strength and stability of the siding. The fibers present avoid any cracks in the siding. Concrete shingles are made in layers and then wood grains are imprinted on them through an accumulator roll.

Concrete siding offers a wide range of variety in colors, shapes etc. It can be used in horizontal lap style or the vertical style as well which gives the look of stucco.

Concrete siding on the whole is a very old form of siding and even today has its own place in the market. The technological up gradation in this field has made this a force to reckon with. With the ease in maintenance and installation, cost effectiveness, and stunning durability and protection to the exteriors, concrete siding is worth going for.

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