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Home Siding

Use of sidings in home is an age old concept which makes the construction strong and long lasting. The type of siding used in home should be used meticulously so that it should highlight the character and design of the home and the exterior sidings can be an integral part of the look and beautification of the home itself. For example, in home made on ancient Victorian style, should not have home siding of vinyl types sidings in it, nor expensive redwood exterior sidings should be installed on a sea facing sea properties. Whenever, the use of sidings will be concerned, it should be used thoughtfully and with some common senses while using the same for its optimum benefits.

When the question of selection of right type of siding is concerned, one has to select from a wide array of colors, materials, and different textures. The beauty and specialty of almost types of house sidings is that these products are manufactured with certain specifications which may go with any architectural style although it is the discretion of the home owner to select the right item for emphasizing the true character of his/her home from his/her own code of aesthetics and utility perspectives because the fitting of sidings plays a genuine role is stabilizing a total harmony between the external elements of home.

Besides making the roof top, sidings has its crucial job in creating a general residential resistance against strong wind, scorching sun light, or against heavy downpour type natural disastrous situations. Wooden lap sidings and brick lap sidings are conventional stalwarts; but nowadays, vinyl, steel, aluminum, fiber-cement, wood composites, stucco and stone sidings are getting abundantly used. In fact, now there are different options of sidings available in market which can help in renovation of older homes in a new look.

The selection of color should play a definite and highlighting the true character of house. If the house is located in a shady spot, the preferred color for the house siding should be according to the location and in case of sunny locations the color selections of home sidings will be entirely different.

Different types of Siding

Vinyl siding

Vinyl sidings are one of the most popular home sidings which is almost maintenance-free siding type; it is one of the most easy-to-do type of siding that can be installed by personal effort. There are multiple quality vinyl sidings are available however, one should purchase best quality as per the budget to get good service life out of the investment. Vinyl sidings are available in different color options.

Wood siding

Wood siding is the conventional type of siding and it is a sign of elegance and sophistication. Wood sidings are not durable in nature nor are it termite proof in nature. Despite its expensiveness, it is a for ever choice for the home owners.

Cedar siding

Cedar siding is an excellent way to finish the exterior part of home; the natural elegance, woody finish, and typical warmth of cedar character compliments interior as well as the exterior look of the house. Cedar sidings look beautiful and add elegance sophistication in the look of the house as well as in its interior.

Metal siding

Metal siding is the most durable type of home sidings which is popular worldwide for its beautiful look as well as for maintenance- free durability. Metal sidings are available in different categories like aluminum type, steel type etc. Metal sidings are usable for all locations; however, it needs special training on installation because it is not an easy-to-do type of fittings for house.

Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding is one of the most popular type of sidings available in market for exterior siding of houses. Aluminum sidings need special installation technique which can be availed only from trained installation specialists. It comes in broad range of styles and available in horizontal, broad array of pre-finished colors, and in vertical panels. It is available in a wide range of textures, which includes wood shake and shingle style etc.

Steel siding

Steel siding is one of the most popular varieties of metal sidings and is used all over world for its fantastic durability and least requirements of maintenance. These types of sidings are one of the first choices of the homeowners and are considered the toughest material valuable out of the whole range of sidings. The cost against purchase of steel sidings is slightly expensive but it is worth of money to go for steel sidings.

Cement siding

Cement sidings are the ultimate concept in concrete and permanent construction. It is available in different shapes but it is used mostly for big structures and mainly for commercial constructions where durability and permanency matters more than splashy look. Fiber-cement sidings are latest introductions in cement siding category and are now used widely all over the world for its cost efficiency and trendy look.

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