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Hardiplank siding

Hardiplank siding is a middle path taken between vinyl siding and renovation of clapboard siding. The true name of this siding is cement siding. Hardiplank is a brand name for the fiber cement siding produced by James Hardie Building Products. It is made up of Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber and other additives. This siding can also give the look of clapboard and stucco depending upon the texture dealt with. It is however more durable and fire resistant. It is costlier than vinyl but at the same time is cheaper than others and requires less maintenance.


The various advantages of Hardiplank siding are:

Eco-friendly: Fiber cement siding is a green and a sustainable building material. The cellulose used in siding does not come from endangered species of trees and no toxic materials are used in the process as well.

Durability: Another major positive about Hardiplank siding is that it lasts for a lifetime if kept well. There is a warranty that one gets from the manufacturers in this form of siding and it generally stands tall for 50 years which is much more than other forms of sidings.

Fire Resistant: It is a fire resistant product but not a fire proof one, but then no building material is actually fireproof. This is one major advantage that this form of siding enjoys over wood or vinyl siding.

Investment Friendly: A recent study of the Remodelling magazine has shown that returns on houses with Hardiplank siding is higher than others. Also the insurance premiums of such houses are less than others.

Looks like Wood: The look of this siding is that of a wooden one. Thus the aesthetics are taken well care of. Only a close scrutiny of the house can actually lead to differentiate it from wood. The wooden texture of the planks does not make the task any easier.

Despite all these merits the two downfalls of this siding are its high costs and difficulty in installation. Although looking at the advantages offered by it one must say that it is one form of siding worth considering and falling back upon.

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