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Cement board siding

Cement board siding was first developed in Australia. Its discovery was in the process of its construction while researching building materials that could withstand the wear and tear associated with extreme climates. Cement board siding is extremely strong, and is resistant to fires, insects and rot. They are available in variety of styles as well. Unlike vinyl siding, cement board siding does need to be painted. However, unlike wood, cement board siding absorbs paint in an enduring way. Cement board siding coated in a good, protective paint will never peel or chip. Thus, cement board siding not only give a wonderful look to the home exterior but also protects against serious water damage. The durability and maintainability proves cost effective in the end. Damage to the exterior of the house is a common factor and by using cement board siding avoid this danger of damage of the exterior walls.

Fiber Cement Board Siding

Fiber cement board siding is a great choice for homes around high winds and fire prone areas because of its high resistance. Termites and other harmful bugs are never a threat to this type of siding. The moisture resistance capability of fiber cement board siding enhances the life expectancy of this material. Fiber cement board siding not only protects the home but also provides magnificent looks to the exterior of the home creating new style and fashion statement for every home. Weight of a cement board siding is twice as less, compared to a composite siding of the same size making them the ideal choice as siding material. Fiber cement board siding is easy to install and is readily available in the market in various style and texture. The variety in style without compromising on the quality is another important factor for the popularity of fiber cement board siding.

Cost of Cement Board Siding

The cost for cement board siding is not very high compared to other types of siding materials. Low cost cement board siding is available in the market for the consideration of all types of customers and homeowners. Tolls for cost estimation for cement board siding is available in the market and on the internet. Before buying, the customer can get an accurate estimate of the cement board, siding cost for his or her house. This helps in choosing the amount and type of cement boards according to budget. Low cost cement board siding available in the market do not compromise on the quality of the cement board thus, maintaining all the salient features of a cement board siding in a reduced and affordable cost. Cement board siding is gaining popularity in places of rough weather conditions since it is very difficult to maintain the exterior of a house in harsh weather conditions in a cost effective way. Cement board siding is the answer to the problems of the homeowners facing this issue of harsh weather condition.

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