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Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar is the best choice for siding because it gives the required durability and design flexibility. To top it all, it has light weight, dimensional stability, and easy fabrication. Different types of cedar woods are used for different features and requirements in siding. Western Red Cedar bevel exterior siding is very widely used. To produce this type of siding, two cedar planks have to be sawed in such a way that the edges on one part are thicker than the edges on another part. The arrangement is installed horizontally. It gives a very impressive shadow line.

If one is looking for good looks and design flexibility, Tongue and grove wood siding is the best suited for these requirements. The installation can be done along any alignment- horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This type is available with rough( rough cedar siding) and smooth surfaces. One type of siding which looks very good is cedar shingle siding.

Cedar shingle siding

It has properties which that have a higher degree of protection from warping. Cedar shingle siding can be applied in two different ways. First includes the single course method where the shingles are put on like shingles on a roof. This method is used if the siding is exposed to harsh weather conditions. But the double course method is much more widely used because of its durability and the shadow lines it creates. For usage in prolonged harsh conditions, this method is used.

Rough Sawn cedar siding

Rough cedar siding is installed in the vertical style, but can also be installed in the horizontal and diagonal styles as well. This type of siding creates a shadow effect and thus enhances the looks of the lines of the exterior. The “rough” face is preferably shown outwards to obtain a more rustic look. Rough Sawn cedar siding provides a lot of beauty and design flexibility.

Cedar shingles siding- pros and cons

One of the best features of using this kind of siding is that once installed, the owner has to do little when it comes to caring about it. As the finishing becomes dull, it gives a more rustic touch to the siding and thus makes it even beautiful. But Cedar shingles siding has an average cost approximately 30 % higher than any other standard material. They also require a lot of time for installation.

Unlike rough cedar siding, a lot of cutting is required around window and doors corner. Therefore, a skilled professional is highly recommended when it comes to installing cedar shingles siding.

Rough sawn cedar siding is most preferred because of its less expensive but gives a more beautiful finish.

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