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Clapboard Siding - How to Choose

Clapboard or weatherboard is the coverage which is used to protect the door, window and the exterior wall of the house. If you like to protect your windows, doors and wall surface from incessant rain, dampness and dust particles, you must install weatherboards clapboard siding.

During rainy seasons, outdoor furniture items are in danger as heavy rain can dampen wooden furniture pieces. Similarly, exterior walls, door, windows and ventilators can be severely affected by rain water. That’s why you must opt for clapboard siding for offering extra safeguards to your house and other outdoor wooden fixtures.

Wood Clapboard Siding

Basically, it is seen that wood clapboard siding is used to save the outer hull of the doors from water. When it rains incessantly, the front face of door and window are drenched in water. Runnels of rain water drip through the outer surface of doors/windows. Modern and sophisticated weatherboards/clapboards are competent and durable to protect the door/window panels and exterior walls from onset of dampness, moisture and rain water. Search online sites for getting cost effective wood clapboard siding options.

Cedar Clapboard Siding

There are different sorts of wooden weatherboards and you will have to decide what sort of clapboard you must use to give the protection to your building and outdoor furniture items. According to experts, if anyone wants to install/attach wooden weatherboards, it will be best to opt for cedar clapboard siding. On the other hand, there are other high quality woods like white pine, cypress inclusive of durable spruce wood which can be used to cover the outer surface of doors and windows.

If you have any wish to install the wood clapboard siding/cedar clapboard siding, you should be aware of different installation procedures. You must protect yourself from damage and injury while fixing cedar clapboard siding to window, door and other parts of your building.

You need arrange a hammer for nailing the screws into the holes for the fixation of weatherboards. Remove any stray nail from the old clapboard and replace it with a new weatherboard to protect the door from heat, rain water and moisture. As a part of weatherboard/clapboard fixation, you need to use good quality silicon made caulk which must be pasted and applied to different corners of new clapboard. However, you should not use excessive amount of silicon made caulk to enhance the repairing work.

After completing the clapboard fixation work, you should check the fixtures a number of times to be fully confident about your flawless repairing or installation work. In this connection you can even hire any professional carpenter or home re-modeler to fix clapboard/weatherboard.

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