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Composite siding

Composite sidingWe all have the tendency to be ultra modern always and we follow this in everything that we do. Home improvement is also one among them and when you are on the process of rebuilding your home you must note certain points. Instead of using the old vinyl, wood, or steel it is advised to use composite siding for your home. If you are not aware of this word then surely the following paragraphs may help you.

As it name suggests it is quite a bit complex one. It is nothing but the outer covering which helps in bad weather protection and to shed water at times. There are good and bad things in almost everything in this world and composite house siding is not an exception. So it is in your hand to pick the right composite siding and stay away from the bad one. Schantz Home Improvement specialists can help you choose the correct siding for your home. Many use this composite house siding to get a better look for their home as well. A good composite siding is made up of

Composite sidingWhen you plan to do the composite house siding all that you need to do is buy a big black paper. This is an integral part of the covering and it is used to cover the outer area of the wall. There are different types of composite house sidings available and you can select anything of your choice. It is highly advised to go for composite wood siding as it has many advantages in it.

Composite Wood Siding

As usual the paper is kept as the inner layer i.e. black color and wood is placed overlapping it. These are called as clapboard. There are many wood materials available in the market but in olden days Eastern white pine was the used material. The equation has changed these days as people are using redwood for composite wood siding. These redwoods give a pleasant look and it is weather-resistant as well. You can select the size of the woods as per your requirement i.e. 4 or 6 or 8 feet wide and 4 or 6 or 8 feet long. This Composite wood siding is also called as engineered wood siding. This has become more popular among people and the main reasons are

  • Looks beautiful
  • Adds pleasant look
  • Low maintenance i.e. 0 maintenance

Some of the type of composite woods available in the market are hardboards, veneered plywood and oriented strand board. These woods looks like a natural wood and you can find this is an artificial only if you take a look at it pretty closer. The woods used are eco-friendly things so you need not worry about the environmental pollution. It hardly needs any re-painting, you can use the same wood years together as it is maintenance free.

There are also other types of composite wood siding and they are plastic, sheets etc. these have disadvantages and they are not eco-friendly as well. Why don’t you a try a better one? composite wood siding must be your ultimate choice.

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